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Horses Know The Way Home: Home to your heart, Home to what feels good and natural to you and from where you feel free to express yourself. Imagine a horse whispering words of wisdom to you about how you can create a life in line with your nature!

With the Horses Know The Way Whisperings, Life Force Coach Brian S. Reid takes you on a journey with his equine partner Brenda Lee. Through stunning pictures and easy to read inspirational short stories and poems, you will Feel the Connection with what’s beautiful to you in your life. You will discover what matters to you, you will discover a whole new way of looking at life and feel movement toward what you want to create. 

This Collection of Whisperings is a part of “Horses Know The Way Home – Feel the Connection”, an International Personal Development Program that facilitates personal growth and movement through applying the natural laws that horses communicate to us.

Inspirational Whisperings is a collection of 52 timeless Whisperings, 2 bonus Whisperings, moving poems and stunning pictures to inspire you daily, weekly or whenever you feel the need to reconnect. 

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In this Download are included:

Brian’s “Toward”, Whisperings 1, 6 and 21, quotes and pictures to bring inspiration into your life, today.